zweikern Analytics

Progress has never been so easy

With zweikern Analytics, sustainability is no longer just an empty phrase

Corporate development can only be sustainable if employees are involved in the development process. The unique approach of zweikern enables the company to be developed from the core without imposing anything from the outside.

With zweikern Analytics every single person is a part of the bigger picture and you don't waste any more time with sluggish company surveys.


Everything at a glance

The zweikern Analytics dashboard brings together the most important information. It enables the monitoring of ongoing company analyses, interaction with specific project participants and monitoring of projects over time. Accessing relevant information has never been easier.

At the same time, the dashboard serves as the start page for zweikern Analytics and facilitates orientation in the system.

All current analyses at a glance Simple control and administration of projects
Fast access to messages in the system Direct access to the latest content from zweikern
Startseite und zentrale Übersicht aktueller Unternehmenskennzahlen.


The easiest way for complex surveys

With zweikern Analytics, we can implement customized company analyses extremely quickly and precisely. Survey content is placed rapidly and easily using a smart filter system. Concentrate on implementing measures from now on rather than on conducting a survey.

zweikern Analytics shares the contents to be edited directly with the defined project participants, without any manual intervention.

Intuitive execution of analyses Analyses can be carried out quickly and conveniently
Individual response schemes for the specific configuration of analyses
Mobile Darstellung einer individuellen und mehrsprachigen Mitarbeiterumfrage.


Reflection in the Age of Digitization

By using zweikern Analytics, surveys are evaluated in a few seconds and automatically made available to the associated users. In this way, the system enables seamless reflection based on actual facts. Beliefs are thus outdated. Build upon actual states in the future.

All previous results are saved and can be accessed at any time.

Comfortable evaluation of all separate questions Fast identification of relevant development potentials
Comprehensive topic voting Results comments on individual results in real time
Fast PDF export of analysis results Filter results by location and by area
Unterschiedliche Darstellungsformen der Analyseergebnisse.


It's never been so nice to see curves

Measures are taken and often a company doesn't know whether they were effective or successful. zweikern Analytics enables results to be set in a time horizon and shows clear development curves to relevant analysis factors.

You can easily check whether your employees or the entire organization are developing in the right direction.

Entwicklungsverläufe werden anschaulich als Chart dargestellt.


Individual results need individual content

In addition to the unique blog articles by zweikern about people and work, the system zweikern Analytics can also publish your own articles and content, hosted by yourself.

Simply link content to result characteristics and thus only make content available to analysis participants that actually fits their individual actual situation. In this way, content is given a significantly higher degree of comprehensiveness.

Erstellen eigener Themeninhalte für individuelle Personengruppen im Unternehmen.


Individuality needs a context

The expertise of the interdisciplinary team of zweikern allows us to derive content on the basis of individual goals. We regard each company as a unique organization, which should be treated as such.

Simply map your entire company in zweikern Analytics. Define individual survey topics and derive individual questionnaires that you work with at any time.

With zweikern Analytics, you are not a part of a large sample, where in the worst case you fall off the grid. With our system you are in the focus of development.

Work with your own and individual content Designing analysis topics has never been easier
Development of measures based on facts Handling of multilingual analyses
Display your entire company in zweikern Analytics Assign individual roles and rights to system users
Alle Funktionen, Bereiche und Inhalte lassen sich individuell konfigurieren.

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